Friday, October 14, 2011


I finally dropped this one off at Southam Gallery. After playing around with different light scenarios on the umbrellas; I decided on just this simpler version that you see now. Sometimes the easiest solution is the best!

This afternoon as I walked in with the painting; so did the clients that were coming down to look at it as well. It was nice to meet the couple with their daughter. They already own a work of mine, so it was good to put some faces with names. We chatted about the old town of Brugge with their building dating back to the 1300. They had been there before and fell in love with the canals.

This weekend we are heading back up to the cabin to chop wood into smaller pieces.

It’s good to be a lumberjack!!!

Richard Boyer

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  1. I thought this painting was done a long time ago, but you kept developing it and it's just spectacular! It's a dreamy place and you've captured it as such.

    Lumberjack? Yeah, it's wood time here too. I enjoy working with wood outdoors in the fall air. It's hard work, but some of my favorite time.