Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I decided to add the flowers and work a little on the field they are standing in. This will make it look as if they belong there and not floating in some mysterious green mist. I can also see that I need some more contrast in the girls. That will be tomorrow’s project.

So this bright sunny afternoon I brought down a bunch of paintings to Southam Gallery here in Salt Lake City. They sent out this flier last week to all their customers that read “after 30 some odd years they are finally closing our doors!”

After that length of time they have amassed a rather large cliental base. And naturally many are coming in with a concerned look asking why and having a last look around. Reality is that it gets them in the door and they usually walk out with something. They also inform them that they are not really closing, but moving down the street. Yes, a moving sale, but for me it hasn’t been too bad: they have sold several paintings so far with a few more in consideration.


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