Friday, September 30, 2011

So we had a large grouping at my place for the crit session last night. Besides the usual crowd we got a surprise visit from Robert Duncan and Bryce Liston; Robert lives and paints up in Midway, Utah so for him it’s an hour drive to my place. Bryce was having his Thursday evening figure painting session before the crit and they decided to pay a visit.

I’m always for having full time career artists at a crit session, the input to get the painting up to the level in which it will sell is priceless and who better to ask than an artist who is successful at selling in the galleries. And so I am grateful they came last night.

Here are links to those two artists

Today I worked on Charlotte walking through the dune grass. Some of the small changes were to add more of her waist in front of the basket and also to play down the detail in that basket. I defined parts on the face as well. Now I’ll set it aside in the studio and live with it for a bit. Maybe a few weeks from now I’ll see something that I could do to make it more appealing.

Richard Boyer

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