Friday, September 9, 2011


The crit went well last night and as usual I ended up with a lengthy list of small changes on the paintings I presented. Grant it most of the changes are so minuet that nobody would notice, but as artists must do, they will find something.

So, on this one I added some more color to the one side of the barn and added yellow to the grass.

Here I raised the shoreline behind the last boat and worked a little on the water. I also added Lilly pads to the back ground and even threw in a flower one of them for good measure.

The beach scene was also changed a little. The figure needed some work and I added some more pallet knife to the grasses, along with a few more flowers. And I worked a little more on the Metz Cathedral from yesterday. I figured it wasn’t worth a progress picture yet, that will have to wait until Monday.

We have the Avenues Street fair tomorrow, where they block off several blocks for artists and vendors set up their booths. I’ll be there serving coffee to get donations for the local Boy Scout troop 34. Its bound to be a fun event.

Richard Boyer

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