Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Nothing compares to the furry and wrath of two female cats. This morning we let “Einstein”, our older cat in from being out all night, she wanted to replenish herself with something to eat and drink. But there in the middle of the living room floor was Mio, our latest cute little edition to the family. A kitten at six weeks of age is extremely curious and of course wanted to investigate our grumpy old alley cat, Einstein already has social issues with any kind of stranger let alone a new kitten. And she immediately let it be known.

The older cat started that obnoxious cat howl that is generally reserved for outside fights in the middle of the night below your window. Soon it was accompanied by hissing as Mio walked calmly up to Einstein, rather clueless about the potential danger of the whole situation. She ran right up to the time bomb.

Well the grumpy old cat started hissing uncontrollably and I walked over to shoo it away from the naïve little kitten. I stupidly thought maybe I could just pick up the older cat and put her back outside. Instantly I was covered in scratches all over my hands and arms; in what seemed like a split second the cat went ballistic on me. Words can not explain what came out of my mouth as I chased after Einstein. She knows my anger and was soon hiding some place on the second floor.

I was then by the kitchen sink with ice cubes on my fingers.

Here’s what I did today with bandages on my painting hand.


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  1. Perhaps you should bandage your hands more often! Or do some other creative tricks? Look Mom I can do this with my hands tied behind my back! Talent is talent. I think you could take your little show on the stage really impress the crowds! Beautiful painting.

    I know the cat thing. We introduced 2 new kitties this June. My older cat is only now starting to come around. And by starting to come around, I mean being able to be in the same space as the others and restrain herself.