Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday, Sept. 19

I had this painting for a while at one gallery and got it sent back, as the proprietor usually put it, “We haven’t had much reaction on it!” Another words, something is wrong with it and we don’t want it anymore.

That being said I will usually put it in the studio and think about it for a week or two. And in this case it dawned on me that the painting needed more interest than just the carriage turning the corner. So I added some more greenery and flowers and broke up the wall a little to the right. Now I really think it has more to say. Again the real test is if it will sell or not! I was going to send it down to Ron at the May Gallery.

This other piece I also started today, it’s still just a quick block-in. When I was in southern Sweden in August I took a series of images of one of our relatives walking through the dune grasses. The wind was really blowing strong and it made for some nice effects.

Richard Boyer

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