Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday, Sept 12.

Saturday we had the Avenues Street Fair again and my job was to make and serve coffee in the morning while asking for a small donation. This, from what I have heard, is how you avoid getting a business license and charging sales tax which the committee at the Street Fair expects. Donations are tax exempt.

I borrowed the large peculator pots from the troups local church and got up at 7:00 in the morning to start the coffee for the fair. I told them I would have it all ready at 8:30 and poured the water in and opened up a pound of donated fresh ground beans in the top. The machine bubbled away and I thought all was fine as I made myself breakfast. Half an hour later it stopped making sounds and the little light went on. I thought it was done, until my wife came down and looked at it. “Aren’t you going to set this thing on?” The coffee at the top was bone dry; apparently the @%# machine didn’t heat the water up hot enough so it would peculate to the top. I tried the next machine and it leaked out from the bottom, another defect! Yup, the morning was off to a good start. After a frantic phone call, Martin showed up with a couple of replacement pots and I was able to get the coffee down there at ten in the morning.

We still ended up raising a couple hundred!

Sunday we did a steep hike up to Gobblers Nob from Millcreek Canyon. It was one of those trails designed by an amateur forest service employee, a trail that just went straight up 2000 feet at a thirty degree angle. Switchbacks were omitted.

After climbing up several thousand feet, your knees and leg muscles were feeling it. We finally arrived at the top for lunch. The views were spectacular looking down into Little Cottonwood Canyon. There we met another guy at the top who told us about a milder way of going down via the adjacent canyon and then switching back over to the path we took up. We agreed since the prospects of pounding your knee joints down a steep grade sounded painful.

The path was in fact less steep but about four times the distance in length. We made it back much later than we expected and as I expected the knee joints were aching

Richard Boyer

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