Thursday, September 29, 2011


I didn’t get to much farther with the painting. I was side tracked into working on the frames. All in all I have build eight frames from a 9x12 up to the largest at 14x18. The only problem I am having now is dealing with the finish; I just can not seem to get it to look good. I’ve been using Rust-Oleum paints which I am sure are not the industry standard for frame makers. I painted a brown primer on first and added some red tones to it, and then after it dried I sprayed on black and tried to rub it off on areas where I wanted the red to show through. The main problem being that the black doesn’t rub off that easily and it tends to take off the underlying primer as well. I just need to research this a little better and see if I can come up with a more professional result.

Well here is what I did today.

Richard Boyer

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