Wednesday, December 22, 2010


So what’s the definition of a “Hypocrite”? Now we have Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks complaining that someone leaked a Swedish police report about his sexual offenses over the internet. This moron has the audacity to complain about his personal information leaking out to the world !!!

He deserves it and a lot more.

Still a little more shopping to do. Karin and Victor went out last night, leaving the last item on the baking schedule in the oven. The instructions were drilled into me, that in fifteen minutes be sure and take it out!

Lina and I were cleaning up in the kitchen and remembered that there was laundry down stairs that needed to be hung up. Sometime during that half hour project the timer sounded off and I didn’t hear it. I came back up to the kitchen to see the oven smoking. Expletives flew from my mouth as I pulled out the blackened Christmas wreath cake. Ohhh, the tragedy. This is why I hate pastry baking, unlike dinners, fifteen minutes this way or that doesn’t matter. But with cakes and any kind of formula that involves yeast or baking powder, fifteen minutes to much and you end up with the chemical compound of carbon!

Well enough of that, this morning I worked on the Amsterdam piece and threw in a boat. It still needs some more work, but somehow during the Christmas rush I am always pulled away for the subject to help with some other holiday related thing.

I’ll bring the laptop along to the cabin and make some entries there, unfortunately they can not be posted until I come back to civilization.

Richard Boyer

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  1. Assange may be a lot of things, but "moron" does not seem to be one of them.

    He's an accomplished computer programmer and software encryption expert and studied math and physics at the University of Melbourne.
    (Isn't that where your father studied physics, Richard?)

    But if Assange is indeed a "moron", what does that make the vast majority of the American public? (and leadership, for that matter)

    -- Larry Darkness