Tuesday, December 14, 2010


The Christmas lights are up now, what a pain in the @#$%. The tree in the front yard isn’t quite big enough to support my weight. So when I try to climb up to get the higher branches the entire tree bends under my weight, giving me the sensation of snapping the trunk at any moment.

I worked more on the commission piece again, mainly with the figures. He wants himself in the painting with his son. So I had to add two different images together to get that result. It still needs some fine tuning in another session.

At the figure session last night I was looking through Rick Graham’s copy of Richard Schmid’s new book “Landscapes”. It’s a very large impressive undertaking filled with images of his work. I wanted to order one this morning, but though just perhaps it might be possible to get it signed. I know he did it with the last book he sold. So I sent off an email to Molly Schmid, the one who is handling the distribution. (That is what the web site was saying, whether it’s true or not is another story.) And so far haven’t received an answer to my inquiry.

Richard Boyer

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