Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Here is a picture of the guilty gang. Early this morning they went up the road to a quiet spot, skied in and cut down a scrawny juniper tree. Your perfect Charlie Brown Christmas tree. It wasn’t actually a pine tree, so I doubt there would have been much commotion if they were caught anyways.

Now that we have lights and a few ornaments on the tree, it looks rather proud in our small living room. The only thing missing are the presents under it.

We had Christmas Eve dinner at Lance and Maria’s house in Park City, with a few other friends. The usually three hour-long dinner with a wide variety of dishes, toasted every five minutes to a glass of Vodka or Aquavit. You can tell that we were at it a while when somebody asked to fill just the top half of their snaps glass. It’s always a warm fuzzy feeling to spend Christmas Eve dinner with friends.

Richard Boyer

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