Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday, Dec. 6.

It’s still not done, needs a day of orchestration. The session where you just look at it and fine tune parts to bring it more to life, some times this can drag on for weeks.

Last night our house smelled of gingerbread cookies. It was the baking marathon with Brith and my wife, a Swedish tradition to signify the arrival of the Christmas season. Ten pounds of cookie dough is rolled out wafer thin on the table. Then different shaped cookie cutters are used by everyone to fill up all the baking sheets before Brith popped them in the oven. This assembly line production went on for several hours. Besides the usual Christmas tree, angel and heart shaped forms used and especially after several glasses of red wine and Glogg; several different species of free formed animals came to be. Misshapen goats, snakes and the occasional dinosaur lay upon the cooking sheet. Brith, our Swedish quality controller would always catch those with a “What the Hell is this?!”

We finally used up all the dough around 9:30 at night and ended up filling a half dozen large cookie tins. Thus the Christmas season has started!!!

Karin and I are going out tonight to see a jazz concert to get in the festive mood.

Richard Boyer

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