Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Somehow its always so easy to say the day before, “yeah, we’ll be on our way to the cabin by three, no problem!” Two hours after that prediction we were still packing the car, with the inevitable ‘just one more’ last minute errand to finish off. I think two and a half hours after our pre-determined departure time; we rolled out of the driveway. A light drizzle fell on the windshield.

We had heard through the nightly news that Park City had several feet of new snow, at least that was so until the rain came and compressed it all down. When we arrived at the cabin, it wasn’t buried under mounds of snow like we thought, but just a foot or two of wet snow, commonly referred to as concrete. The heavy stuff your back feels the next morning. After digging out several tons we had enough room for two cars to get in. With all the Christmas gear and skiing equipment we needed the extra vehicle.

There is one thing we did not take.

Our plan for tomorrow is to head out and cut down a small “Charlie Brown” sized Christmas tree from farther up the road in the Uinta National Forest. This being of course highly illegal, but to a Swede interpreted as a challenge. Normally one is required in the beginning of September to stand in a long line at four in the morning outside the ranger station in Kamas, Utah. This is why I’m not going with tomorrow, as the token American tagging along in this illicit activity we would surly get busted and end up in the Kamas town jail for Christmas. If Karin does it with her accent, they would just smile and say “You know…you’re really not suppose to do that in this country!” And let her continue on her way. So with that in mind, we put the saw in the back of the car.

I will let you know how it goes tomorrow……

Richard Boyer

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