Friday, December 10, 2010


Well, well, well Brian Mitchell was pronounced guilty for the abduction and year long daily raping of Elizabeth Smart. Most everyone here in Utah is glad over that verdict. After several experts testifying that the man was not insane and basically just a manipulator, most were expecting a guilty call from the jury. Personally I think they should tie him up in the shower room at the State Prison and let him know what it feels like. At least now the family has some kind of closure.

I was planning on putting up Christmas light today, but with hail coming down at the moment, that project will be put on hold.

This morning I worked on several paintings from the crit session last night. On this one I enlarged the main boat in the foreground and changed around the back ground some what.

I'm still waiting on news from Southam Gallery about that lawyer and the River painting. Last time I talked with them the guy still had not come into the gallery. I raced to get the painting done for nothing!

Richard Boyer

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  1. Not insane?

    I suppose that depends on one's definition -- and on the definition of the society making that determination.

    He's the result of nature (genes) AND nurture (environment).

    One thing is certain: He is the archetype of a "religious extremist": controlling, self-righteous, egomaniacal (to the point of thinking he is "God"), etc.

    Certain environments are bound to produce his type every now and then.

    Some environments more often than others (think Warren Jeffs)

    --Larry Darkness