Tuesday, December 21, 2010


As they say “Another Pineapple Express rolled through the State last night.” That’s when they say the jet stream goes over Hawaii and carries all that moist air to the western United States. It translates into heavy wet snow shoveling, especially up at the cabin, where we are off to tomorrow. A series of small little fronts have been plowing through Utah recently, so the white stuff has been building up to a considerable amount up in the mountains. We have been getting all our Christmas shopping done early so we can spend the holiday up there in isolation and under several meters of snow!

Some place down there in the valley is Salt Lake City!

Yesterday Victor and I went downtown to go shopping; he hadn’t started and felt it necessary to go to one of the most populated shopping districts we have. And yes, it was a zoo. We both couldn’t wait to get out of there. This afternoon will most likely be a repeat again, as more needs to be bought. Yes the economy seems to be picking up!!!

This morning I took another Amsterdam piece out of the box and started working on it. The 12x16 still has more to go, but I thought I would just show you the start.

Richard Boyer

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