Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Christmas day was relaxing. The presents seemed to dwarf the small tree, as we gathered around, some of us with coffee in hand. Lina handed out the gifts, as she read the cards taped to each present. In my case it’s just a simple “to and from” But Swedish tradition involves writing rhymes about the gifts and in Karin’s case these lyrical hints as to the packages contents can be quite lengthy and involved. Leave it also to the Swedes to come up with a website and hotline for those in dire straits who need a last minute catchy phrase for their gift giving.

The day was sunny and relatively warm, so Karin and I went cross-country skiing up one of the canyons farther down the road. The children of course were magnetically drawn to their new presents and the idea of leaving them as probable as a solar eclipse.

It was good to get out for us though.

I did shoot a small clip from up there!

Richard Boyer

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