Wednesday, December 9, 2009


It was back to the Amsterdam painting today.

First, I started on the boats in the canal, which I have a feeling will be a little time consuming with all the details. The front boat I put in first to establish my darkest darks then I can gradate the values better as I work my way along the row of boats.

I want to make sure the eye doesn't move too quickly down the canal, so I'll push some of the boats out a bit into the water, that way it's not just a straight line down to the bridge. There is a lot of highlights on the water also, but I'll hold off on putting those in until the very last.

More blue was added to the water to unify it and after I get the sidelines all painted in, I'll be able to judge the gradation of the water better as it goes off in the distance.

Southam Gallery informed me that they sent the image of the "Three Sisters" painting to a couple of clients, who rejected it............they didn't like the girls in bikini's. Linda Southam said, "Remember, this is Utah"
Seems like you can never win, so I took the girls out and am now putting in some boys, playing with a sail boat instead. Maybe they will represent the "innocense of childhood" better for the clients!

Sometimes these paintings can turn into a day time saga that never ends "As the stomach turns" brought to you by Boyer Studio's

Its crit night tomorrow, so I'm not sure if I'll work on this never ending work or the Amsterdam painting in the morning.

Richard Boyer

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  1. "they didn't like the girls in bikinis"

    Perhaps they would prefer boys in bikinis?

    --Larry Darkness