Thursday, December 17, 2009


Well I decided to enlarge the figure, it just looked like there was too much room above her. I know generally, when you do this - rearranging or moving a figure - it can be a real pain. But, now in the block-in stage is the time to do it, not later on when you have invested so much time to it. Think of it as a pleasant experience, like having your wisdom teeth pulled!

Since I was re-painting the head larger, I just kept working on it, trying to capture the likeness of the woman. We don't have the crit session tonight, so there is no stress to get it done for that. I can kind of sit back and enjoy the painting part of it. Tomorrow I will concentrate on the head and clothing of the woman, trying to get it fully resolved, then I can work on the background stuff. If I can do the woman well enough, I will leave the remaining of the painting fairly loose.

The Oil Painters of America show is coming up, or maybe I should say the deadline for entries is coming up. So, if it turns out well, I wouldn't mind entering this one and maybe another water painting. The show moves around each year, depending on the gallery that hosts it. This year it will be down in Scottsdale at the Legacy Gallery, unfortunately in their upstairs gallery which is smaller than the main floor.

My only complaint about the show is that every year it seems to be a figurative piece that wins, they just never seem to deviate from that topic. That's why I'm doing the figure !!!

The crit session will actually be on Friday at Carlie's house, she wants to have a Christmas party crit gathering. So we will all flock down south to her place with painting and wine in hand, actually her place is only about two miles away. Living in the Avenues, where most of the members seem to reside, generally we just walk to each others homes. You can't get more health conscious than that!

Richard Boyer

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