Saturday, December 5, 2009


Well yesterday is behind me now and I have a coffee in hand. Monday I will do a fresh start on the painting again and I'll leave out the baking time.

Last night Karin and I went and saw Haydn's Creation at the Utah Symphony. It was a nice piece to listen to after a rather depressing day. We sunk down in our seats and listened to the orchestra for over two hours. Three soloists sung about the seven days of the Lords creation, "yeah, that's right!, straight out of the book of Genesis, with a reader board above so you could understand them better. That's a first for me! If I were to honestly rate myself on the religion and faith scale, most likely I would be down towards the bottom of the list. Still below on the list would fall the family dog. I couldn't help feeling as if I was in a church listening to a sermon. We weren't too sure how this would abide with the predominant religion here in Utah. When the intermission came, we did notice a lot of return missionaries leaving; others had fallen asleep.

Richard Boyer

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