Friday, December 18, 2009


It's the weekend, time to face the masses wondering around the malls, aimlessly looking for holiday ideas. I think I am actually close to done with all the shopping !

I worked on the figure today, mainly the face, hair and hands. Some of the items were added on the table also, although it is hard to tell what they are. unless you are familiar with pottery making! I'll bring it to the crit session tonight, along with the Amsterdam painting. I sent out the following message to all those coming tonight

Hello fellow critters,

On this dark and gloomy day, the crit session will be brought to you by Carlie S. & Co.

The Carlie S. & Co. has been bringing you Yule time celebration since 1987, please join her at their house at 7:00 pm for a merry holiday session of wine tasting, meager snacks and ruthless art bashing without mercy.

( This crit session is not recommended for children under 18 years of age. If pregnant or breast-feeding ask a health professional before submitting to the session. If you are experiencing any symptoms such as redness or swelling, drowsiness, unusual urges to vomit and/or general discomfort please consult your physician. This crit session may not be for you. )

yours truly,
The Crit Management Committee

We have the Christmas tree up now and all what it needs are the ornaments.

Richard Boyer

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