Friday, December 4, 2009


Today is one of those really shitty days. I just unwillingly destroyed my painting of the three sisters in the water. After the crit last night, I had a few things to fix, mainly the sky, which had a funny cross hatching texture to it from the brush strokes. I scraped it down with a pallet knife and repainted it carefully with nicer brush strokes. It was very wet at the top when it was finished and I took it outside to photograph. Nice picture eh!

I then send an email with the picture to the gallery.

I couldn't really then press it into a frame all wet in the sky still, so I put it in the oven, with the temperature set at only 160, just to speed up the drying time. Southam Gallery wanted the painting today to show a client tomorrow. Well I figured it might at least get the paint somewhat drier, but nooooooooo.

The fucking paint bubbled up on the canvas in the background area. It looked like a case of chicken pox, in the back of my mind I was hoping maybe the bubbles would go back down after it cooled. It never got that hot any ways! Well, it didn't happen, my next option was to take the pallet knife and try to scrape it all down and re paint it. That was just a %@#% waist of time, it looked even worse then!

I tried putting down new paint over the top, but that didn't cover up anything, all the scares from the bubbles just showed right through it all.....Its ready for the garbage can !!!
The other smaller 12x16 painting of the boats was just fine in the oven.

"See, absolutely nothing wrong with it, so why did the other fucking painting bubble up like that?"
God, I hate days like this, and to top it off the stupid dog decided to crap on the floor in the studio last night when we were all sleeping. When put in the backyard before bed time in the evening, our lab just stares back at you with an idiotic look. The animal is clueless as to what to do !

So, at one o'clock in the afternoon I started a new painting of the three girl in the water, what a complete waist of time!!!

Kim Southam had a client ready to see the painting on Saturday, now I have to tell them some time next week! Maybe I can blame it on the dog !

Richard Boyer

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  1. The temp inside the oven is not going to be entirely uniform, of course. Nearer the heating element it will be hottest.

    It is possible that even though your oven registered 160F, the painting was actually sitting at a somewhat higher temp (possibly above 212F)

    The linsead oil in the paints boils at about 650 deg F, so there should be no problem at 160F, but...

    You said you dropped some of your paint tubes in the water recently right?

    It is at least possible that some water got in one (or more) of the tubes.

    "Bubbles" certainly indicate that something vaporized and water would be the logical explanation.

    Perhaps the fact that one painting bubbled up and the other did not has to do with which paint tubes you used for which painting, or perhaps the paintings were not in precisely the same position in the oven (ie, one was sitting a temp below 212F and the other above).

    Just a theory.

    --Larry Darkness

    PS You may actually have been lucky (belive it or not) because if there was water under the oil, it probably would have peeled later on anyway.