Friday, December 11, 2009


End of the week and the last day to finish off the painting, before the mad rush of Christmas shopping starts.

Yes, I missed out on the over-night camping in front of Costco, for those mentally disturbed fans waiting in line for the Sarah Palin book signing event............Sorry, but you couldn't pay me enough to do something as stupid as that.

I will do a little holiday shopping over the weekend. Usually I wait until the last few days before the panic becomes too much, and then in a frantic frame of mind I head to the nearest mall only to become inundated with the chaotic frenzied mass of shoppers leaping for those last few items on sale. Thats when I head off to a corner and start babbling to myself like Dustin Hoffman in the movie "Rainman", until the mall security asks me to leave.

The crit went fine last night, Robert, one of the members, as usual spilled wine all over my desk next to the easel. Now all my papers and notes are covered in dried sticky red wine. This happens every crit night with him, either a broken wine glass or its contents poured out over the floor! In the future I think we'll give him a plastic cup, or better yet, a bike bottle with a closed lid.

Enough on that, before I get too worked up. They had some good points about the beach painting. Also on the Amsterdam piece, but I'll work on that after the weekend

The first, was that the painting lacked a third element off to the left. They were suggesting another figure, but I thought then it would look to similar to the older version. I wanted to get away from that, so I figured maybe a sail boat off in the distance. It adds the third element, but at the same time doesn't become to over the top. The next point was the waves needed some work, to which I added more highlights and varied a few. A comment was made about more yellow ochre in the foreground water and some more rim lighting on the figures.

Well, that's all done and I shot a JEPG image of it and sent it off to Southam Gallery again. Lets see what happens!

Richard Boyer

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