Tuesday, December 8, 2009


We woke up this morning to another four to six inches of light fluffy snow. If you click on the pictures they will enlarge for your detailed viewing pleasure.

I did shovel the driveway and sidewalk, basically had to in order to get the car out of the garage. It was my job to get Victor and his friend to school today, normally they would ride bikes, but alas the snow storm put an end to that two mile trip. We pulled out onto the road behind some idiot in a pick-up truck going three miles an hour down the hill to South Temple Street. A death ray on
the hood of the car might have it's advantages in a situation like this.

At the bottom of the hill the intersection became a meeting point for all those with bald summer tires. A few were sprawled out sideways to the waiting commuters behind them. The owners were outside in the snow feebly attempting to push the cars out of the way. We veered away from that intersection and took the less traveled roads, one advantage to having a four wheeled drive vehicle.

The snow must have come down very quickly in
the early morning since none of the roads were touched by a snow plow. We made it to the school in time. Both Victor and Sean were wondering why they didn't just close for the snow. Maybe I should have gone into the winterly conditions back in Buffalo, New York where I grew up. Three feet of snow was just considered a light dusting and certainly no reason to close a school. After all that's why God created snowmobiles!
I headed back up the hill past all the cars performing doughnuts by the side of the road and shoveled out the driveway again. I then had my breakfast and took these shots of our house. The middle one is looking up our street.

Today's painting was, "yes, you guessed it!" ....the three figures in the water again. Well, I worked on the sisters a little more, lightened up the hair on the girls a bit and finished off the water in the foreground. I brought more blue down, along with some highlights from the sun.

I think it might be done now, I'll leave it for now and look at it tomorrow with a fresh eye to see if there is anything that bothers me about it.

Richard Boyer

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  1. Richard,

    I understand that you are quite behind schedule on the painting of the girls in the water.

    So might I suggest that, to speed the process up, you pop that sucker in the oven?

    I hear that works quite swimmingly.

    --Larry Darkness