Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday, April 28

Lets catch up a little bit here. Last week after the crit session I changed a few things on the 24x36 of Copenhagen. The laundry was removed from the background building; as I thought it was just too distracting. More attention had to be on the boats in the foreground. So I added color though the addition of some flags, something that every boat seems to have. The water was also lightened up on the right side which gives it a better feel. Now I can say its done, ready for the show at Coos Bay, Oregon in July.

Over the weekend I started another 40x30 for the Howard/Mandville Gallery. This is a small alleyway in the moutain top village of Gordes, Provence.

Today I finished more off on it. The painting has been fun to do since it requires no detail. Unlike the boats and rigging this is just haphazard stonework that can be blasted in with a big brush and I can have some fun. I added the roses for extra color and they seem to play off nicely against the dappled light on the stones.  I'll set it aside now to think about what else it could use.

This Wednesday I'll be traveling down to Moab with Dave Strayer and his group of research scientists from around the country. this is the same bunch we took on the San Juan River several years back so they could do their study of how the brain reacts to be being disconnected for technology. Now most people in Utah tend to laugh at such a study; we take it all for granted, its right out our backdoor.

People from back east though don't really have this opportunity and find it difficult to leave the cell phone alone for five days. This could be why the media seemed to pick it up with joy; as they did get some write-ups in national magazines and TV shows.

As for me I was invited along as the token artist. I seem to disconnect every time I paint in nature!
Besides they got a grant for this and all expenses are paid for me…I'm not an idiot!

Richard Boyer

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