Saturday, April 12, 2014


Thursday night was our crit session up at Nick's place, so I had a list of small changes on these paintings. The first one here needed a few chair removed, they felt it was a little crowded. Now painting out chairs is never an easy project; usually it means covering over the area in a neutral color and re-painting that section over. I also had the head too big on the child to the right, so that was reduced. The trunk of the tree was darkened and some of the umbrellas needed more definition.

The Amsterdam cafe I changed some of the clothing on the figures to brighter reds and oranges. the light post on the left side was lowered so it wouldn't go off the top of the canvas. The ivy in the background was also brought up higher to break the line of windows across the top. I feel the color is a lot better now.

After my daughters soccer game I did another small head study. This was a woman sitting at a cafe by one of the canals in Amsterdam. Some guy was chatting her up across the table and I have a feeling from her body language that she was quite bored!

Richard Boyer

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