Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Well I sent two cafe paintings off to the new gallery, Silvana Gallery in Glendale, California. I've heard its a rather wealthy area of LA…so I have my fingers crossed that they will sell something of mine. If not, I'll be out on the streets of LA…the art market can be cruel sometimes. As they say getting into a gallery is only half the problem, staying in there in the other!!!

They wanted to try this 24x36 and my newer 18x24 breakfast cafe below

On a side note I got my garden all tilded up, added some soil prep and fertilizer so now I am ready to plant the crops. Actually yesterday I planted carrots, spinach and kale, which I rather hate to eat, but my son loves to put it in a smoothy. So I figured why not grow it instead of buying it.  Today I drove up north, along I-15 to a nursery that was having a sale on everything. I bought a dozen tomato plants, basil, peppers, zucchini and several squashes so now I do believe I am set. Except that everyone say's not to plant most of the stuff I bought until after Mothers Day!!!   I really don't know what she has to do with it, maybe, just maybe it might have something to do with the weather.

Today I worked more on the water in the Copenhagen painting and defined the figures some more as well. its to the point where I'll set it aside and contemplate over it for a week or two; as well as run it though the crit session to get some feed back.

Richard Boyer

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