Saturday, April 5, 2014


Today was a typical spring day in Utah. This morning it was sunny and warm, looked like it would just be a great day. Then the dark clouds roll in as my daughter has her soccer game, first a cold wind settles in then the rain starts, followed by hail. Before we knew it everyone was freezing in winter gear. Now when I walked out it was sunny and warm again!

I worked a bit on this one in the morning; adding the chairs and some of the elements on the right side. Maybe another few days and it should be done. I was called away from it by the soccer game, so maybe tomorrow I'll get some more accomplished.

My study for today I just finished now at 6:00 in the evening, well I didn't get time to start it until five. It's tax time again, so I was busy counting up a shoe box full of receipts.  The model was another woman from Skansen. Several years back I was there with Lina and we met this person spinning wool from a hand held wooden spool, she was showing the kids how it worked and letting them try it. I as the artist was there taking several hundred pictures.

Richard Boyer

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