Friday, April 4, 2014


Here was our model from last nights figure painting session at Rick Graham's place. She must have the irish blood in her with all the red hair. I decided to keep doing the head studies instead of the full figure, especially with that hair.  It was a small group with myself, Rick, Robert Duncan and Sid Colton.

After the session they all came back to my place for the evening Crit session, starting at the fashionable time of 9:30. It was good to have Robert Duncan here. With him living up in Midway its about an hours drive away, so I was glad when he said he would drop by for a bit. He does have a nice insight into anatomy and not only can he point out mistakes, but tell you why and how to fix them.

There were small changes done to this piece again. I had to bring more of a sense of light and shadow into the harbor, especially around the white boat coming into dock. I lightened up the water a bit in front of the boat and gave it a shadow behind.  Also the light was brought up more on that third boat in the middle and the sunlight was lowered on the masts to the left. Now when I look at it the whole painting seems more balanced in color.  It is done!!!

For my figure study today I picked a very special person…my daughter. The picture I used is a few years old, one I took when we both visited Skansen in Stockholm.

Richard Boyer

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