Thursday, April 3, 2014


Yesterday I was called away from my study by a leaking pipe connection.  I figured it was more important to take care of dripping water than an oil painting.

But today I'm back at it. so here is my quick 45 minute study of Felicia. I seem to have a lot of photo's of her, the typical fair complexion of a Swede; but she is a very good model and can fall naturally into any pose I tell her.

Since I have a show this summer in Coos Bay,Oregon for the American Society of Marine Artists I figured it best to get a few paintings ready for it. Yesterday I blocked in this 24x36 of some boats in Copenhagen. The building behind was an old storage house for cargo being loaded and unloaded from the ships. Now its been converted into high end apartments. What I liked about it was the reflection in the water.

This painting I started today. I may have gotten into a gallery in L.A. called Silvana Gallery. They are having a show next month and want to try some of my pieces…so that being said I need to get to work and produce some cafe pieces.  They want a few good painting to see if I am worthy!

With that in mind I'm going now to get a hair cut, working endless hours in the studio I can sometimes look a little un-refined. Time to get cleaned up, besides there is a crit tonight and a model session at Rick's. The perfect excuse to look presentable!!!

Richard Boyer

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