Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday, May 5

I'm back from the desert. I have to say it was a lot of fun chatting with a bunch of research scientists about how people relax and disconnect from their daily stressed routine in nature. Much of the conversations were done over bottles of wine in the evening on the hotel porch overlooking Moab.

The last day we did a river run down the "Daily" section of the Colorado River. This being all part of their study on how to relax….hey I'm not going to complain!

Friday evening I decided to do a four panel study of the setting sun on Arches National Park. One of the researcher's, Adam Gazzaley was with to photograph the colors as well. He has been interested in the arts for a long time and had a good collection of nice photo shots over the years.  So we figured why not head back into the park to catch the sunset; I was beaten up pretty bad on the last two studies since the colors changed too fast with the remaining fifteen minutes of light.

Today I picked something easier and worked on a small 12x16 study of the coastline in Oregon; another painting for my show at Coos Bay in the summer.  It was a fun one to do and I really like the colors of the water.

Richard Boyer

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