Wednesday, May 14, 2014


As it turns out we didn't go on the river trip, after looking at the weekend weather we figured it wouldn't be much fun in cold rain. A state-wide cold front was pushing through Utah with snow advisories on some of the roads in the southern part of the state.  The last thing you want is to be cold and wet on a raft.

I did finish off my 40x30 painting for the Howard/Mandville Gallery and actually sent it off yesterday to them. A few changes were done to the background; I took out a few stones from the arch and opened up the right side with a view to some distant mountains. I am attempting to make it more enjoyable to walk along, maybe linger at the edge and look over!

This 12x16 painting I did down in southern Utah went over to Southam Gallery, but not before a few changes. The tree to the right in sunlight I opened up a bit and the water was changed around some to lead the eye in more to the background.

This other 9x12 I also finished off and sent down to them. Here I changed around the bushes in the foreground and added a few figures under the arch to give scale. as one can see they are rather massive in size.

Yesterday I started another painting for the Coos Bay show in July, this 16x20 is of my daughter braving the cold waters along the coast in Oregon at sunset. There is still more to be done on it, but the paint is too thick in a few areas and needs to dry a little. Its a fun one to work on since I can be rather loose with the brush strokes on the water.

Richard Boyer

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