Thursday, May 29, 2014


I have been messing around with the cafe painting for a while now, changing the composition a few times as well. It needed more on the left side, so I introduced a table with a waiter. There was also a flower pot in the middle I took out so one can now look inside the group of people and cafe more. The shadows still bother me in the foreground, somehow I've got to make it more engaging to the viewer.

This little study I did in the morning, its an 11x14 of Stockholm for the show in Coos Bay, Oregon. I was told by one of the local artists there, Dutch Mostert to paint some smaller pieces if I want a chance at selling something.

The Howard/Mandville Gallery came through again with a few sales. Don't know what is going on there, they seem to been having a rash of sales lately. So I'm not going to complain about that!!!


This 24x36 called "Swedes & Danes" sold

and this small 12x16 I did plain air over in southern Sweden a few summers ago.

Richard Boyer

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