Friday, May 23, 2014


Yup I'm still working on the cafe painting….,seems to be taking longer than I want. So I put it aside for today and worked on small changes to other works from the crit session last night.

We had first a model session at Rick Graham's house from 6-9. He managed to talk one of his students into modeling for the evening, with cloths on of course!  With our small group she was actually very good at holding still in the same pose; most of us worked on her portrait.

This one from the coast of Oregon also needed a few tweaks. The comments were made that the lower half of the painting was laking something. So I added a hint of the coast down on the lower right and played up some of the waves. The horizon line where the water meets the sky I also blurred out with some atmospheric perspective.

The Erie Canal painting has also undergone some changes. that boat to the right has caused me some problems. first it was an under-sized boat pushing a barge, which looked a little strange. So I changed it out for a bigger boat with a few figures on it and now it looks better. The background was also hazed out with blues to give it that atmospheric feeling.

Richard Boyer

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