Thursday, May 8, 2014


Tomorrow Dave Strayer and I will leave on another river trip down the upper section of the San Juan river.  Its a short three day float, but filled with Anasazi ruins and rock art. One of the canyon there, Chinle is on the Navaho side and only accessible from this part of the river, nobody goes up there to explore because its so remote. So this could be really fun finding new cliff dwellings.

This was yesterdays 12x16 study of the Oregon coast, another painting for the Coos Bay show. The fog was burning off for the day.

Last week when we were down in Moab with all the Psych Majors, they went on to do this hike and I stayed back to work on this 12x16. Today in the studio I finished up and changed the foreground.  In reality it was too closed in with rocks and overgrowth, making it difficult for the viewer to look up the canyon.

Richard Boyer

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