Tuesday, June 3, 2014


I haven't been writing so much lately, life seems to be getting busy. I have a pair of dead-beat tenents that I need to evict as soon as possible. they signed a lease at the duplex I own and then decided not to pay....go figure!  So now I need to pay a lawyer to physically have them evicted.

With the heat of the summer arriving in Salt Lake I am finding fast portions of the lawn dying since the springing head were dead, too corroded up with calcium deposits to turn the gear driven ones.

My son is also graduating tomorrow so we have a little party planed for him on Friday.

Any ways I'm digressing. This painting, a 18x24 I started a few days ago, another one for the Coos Bay show. It still needs some fine tuning especially with the foreground boat in shadow. The water might need some touch up work as well.

Richard Boyer

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