Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I decided to take a break and work on some quick studies from the Bend, Oregon area for the Mockingbird Gallery. This first 12x16 I did a few days ago in basically one session, trying to keep it quick and loose like a plain air painting. The view is up along the Metolius River by the Fish Hatchery;  a popular spot for the fly fishermen. There the water flows over an old lava bed and has a rich blue color from the rock below.

The next one was yesterday's project, the same river but farther upstream by a place called Camp Sherman. Its another popular spot with cabins for rent.

Today's painting is farther south along the Fall River. I just followed the other artists out to this painting location a few seasons ago and found this falls called "Fall River Falls", can't get much more original than that !  Now the water isn't quite done yet. The paint went on a little thick and of course it gets polluted with other neighboring colors. So if I let it set up over night I can come back in with warmer white again and give it more form.

I'll see if I can squeeze off a fourth painting and mail them all off next week to Jim.

Richard Boyer

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