Friday, June 20, 2014


Here is the finished version of Fall River Falls. Now its just to let it dry a bit and send it off to Mockingbird Gallery next week. I've already sent the owner some images of the work for his web site.

This little 12x16 I did yesterday of Sparks Lake, which is just west of Bend, Oregon, a little past Mt Bachelor Ski Resort. I really liked the way that one pine tree stands alone at the edge of the grove of trees. The water was very still that day and made for some nice reflections.

Tonight I'm off to Park City to celebrate Midsummer with all the Swedes. Everyone gathers around the table with food, songs and shots of Vodka. And yup this is usually a dangerous event with the amount they can drink. The festival is actually quite large with thirty or so bringing food and drinks. Afterwards they all play silly games in a drunken state. It all ends up being quite hilarious.

Richard Boyer

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