Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I forgot to post the result of our pumpkin carving session from Sunday night; now we are ready for Halloween on Thursday. After the trick or treaters we will head up to Nick's place for a Halloween crit session.

Well once again I started a painting that is far too complicated. Here is the start as I work my way down the row of buildings. I never seem to learn from the torture session of perspective, architecture and boats. Maybe I just like the finished product so much; the last one I did sold direct to the client!.

Right now its raining outside, so the studio is dark. This morning when I got up it was dark. It seems we are heading into the grays of winter. Would be nice to sleep in until at least the sunrise, but with school and getting the kids out the door, that won't be happening for a while. This is where you start dreaming of lying on a tropical beach with not a care in the world…:-)

Richard Boyer

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