Friday, October 11, 2013


We had the crit session last night and i brought out these two paintings below. It wouldn't really matter how many times I bring out the same painting, they would find something to tear apart on it. 

With the girl here, she had a few facial features to fix up. There was a dark shadow line on the corner of her mouth that added some age to her. The forehead was also a bit uneven which added to the problem. Well I fixed them up some more and have to admit it does make her look younger now. At age 19 the last thing a woman wants to hear is that her portrait looks as if she is thirty plus years old!

On the mountain top village I changed the lower right building and warmed up the rocks in the background.  Now we will see how it does at the market!

Don't know if I'll be posting tomorrow, since on Sunday we all fly back East; well at least me and the kids for fall break.

Richard Boyer

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