Thursday, October 24, 2013


Today I hoped around here and there on the painting, orchestrating as I like to call it. Trying to pop areas with more contrast and adding color to other parts. It's now done enough for the crit session, done enough for them to find small faults to fix for tomorrow.

In the afternoons I have been moon-lighting at another job, helping to renovate a place. Yesterday I was sanding and cleaning some old baseboard trim we were re-using; running the wash cloth along the old oak in a hastily haphazard sort of way, when I felt the sharp jab of pain.  An old oak splinter shot into my little finger about a quarter inch, buried deep and visable under the skin on the other side of my pinky.

I can't really complain too much since I have had my fair share of splinters. Its just nice when you can take them out in a timely manner. This one I had no tools to get out and had to keep working until I was picked up for a ride home in the evening. 

Once home I went to the local doctor, my son Victor. At age 18 he is into anything medically related and loves to take out splinters. I was given a shot of single malt as he took a razor blade to my finger and finally after a lot of digging around he was able to pull it out. The patient survived, as well as the doctor. 

Richard Boyer

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