Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday, October 7

So over the weekend they had the "Underwear Race" along side the LDS Church General Conferance.  Talk about conflicting view points, both polar opposites of each other and a thorn in each others side. I, personally am glad the organizers of the underwear race were allowed to do it the same weekend, although it was cold, it certainly made for some interesting shots on the Salt Lake Tribune's on-line site:
If the link doesn't work just copy the address and paste it in your browser.

Today I finished up small touches on the larger version 30x24 of Felicia reading in a quiet corner.  Trying to keep the edges soft was my biggest problem, I tend to get too detailed and hard edge everywhere.  Somebody really needs to start slapping me when I do that…and I sent the image off to Jim at Mockingbird Gallery to see if he would be interested. It's just the frame I am waiting on now from Wallis Brothers Frame, they can take their time sometimes.

Richard Boyer

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