Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Today we did the epic trip to Niagara Falls. They wouldn't let us take the barrel across the bridge, maybe they were a bit suspicious. We did park the car on the American side and walked across the Rainbow Bridge, recommended by many as a way to avoid long lines at the customs and parking problems once over there.
The wind was blowing the mist over the walkway so we did get a bit wet near the edge.

We walked around in the sun to dry off and then took the elevator down for the tour under the falls. "Cave of the Winds" they call it, as they hand you a plastic poncho to cover your body. A short trip down about one hundred feet and the temperature drops about twenty degrees..

One path lead outside to a side platform next to the falls and yes the water was flying everywhere. I had to get behind a pillar to keep the water from landing all over the camera.

The other tunnels took you to a spot behind the main Horseshoe Falls, there you could see the force of the water thundering over the edge.

From the side of the falls I was able to get this view looking across to the American side.  We headed back up to the top for a very over priced lunch at the local tourist trap and headed over to the wax museums.

We had a small problem with some of the local reptiles there. But soon we were wandering around the Disneyland part of Niagara Falls, the area where they pack all the wax museums, curio shops and tourist shops together and cover them with neon signs.

We picked the largest wax museum and had a meeting with some famous people, my daughter had coffee with with Elvis here. Humpfry Bogart is in the background.

Richard Boyer.

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