Wednesday, August 15, 2012


It’s back to work again in the studio. The trip was good in that we collected a lot of future subject matter to paint. Now the weather could have been better, or maybe I should say dryer.  One cannot paint to well outside when it’s drizzling down; we ended up with a hand full of days where we were able to set up outside.

I pulled this one out and decided to finish it off. When we started it in Stockholm it was sunny, but the weather soon changed to rain and we were forced to seek shelter.  The water I never got a chance to finish off, so that is what I worked on today.  Tomorrow I have another one from Skansen I could finish off.

For anyone out there in who lives close to me in Salt Lake City, I was thinking of starting up a beginning painting class, maybe a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening group in my studio.  I would start out first with a little black and white oil to learn the values then move on to colors.  So if you might be interested send me an email at:

Richard Boyer

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