Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I threw some figures in the Mora House painting from Skansen, just some of the local employees from the open-air museum.  These two were making butter at one of the buildings so they seemed to fit the part. Most of these smaller works I am just going to leave as studies, I don’t really have a market for them in a larger format, unless one of my galleries decides they want to try 1800 period paintings.  That’s not going to happen!

The other larger 24x36 painting here is from Smith Rock again near Bend, Oregon. It’s just the initial block-in stage. That funny phallic looking thing in the background is actually Monkey’s Rock, a very popular climbing area.

Jim sold this larger piece I did in the spring from Camp Sherman and said he would like a few newer pieces again from the area.  So I’ll start with Smith Rock and then work on another mountain painting for him.

Richard Boyer

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