Friday, August 10, 2012


Today was the pilgrimage to Mora. Like the Swedes flock to the summit of Kebnekiase, we artists flock to the studio of Anders Zorn.

We arrived and as usual you sign up for the next tour of his house, with me it is usually the one guided in Swedish, but when they heard I was with two from the States they told me there was an English version starting in twenty minutes.  I think they made that part up, since we were the only ones there for that time slot. We were in luck.  The woman guiding us around, opened up most everything for us to see, removed most ropes to keep back the crowds and let us walk around areas that were closed off to the general public. 

We exited next to his studio; I figured a photo in front would be the proper thing to do.  Unfortunately it doesn’t look much like a studio from the outside, looks more like a chicken coop with the net on the door. 

Here is a shot of the inside through the chicken wire to prove it!!!

After lunch Robert Duncan and I went to Zorn's GammelgĂ„rd, Here he collected old houses and structures to preserve.  We decided to paint there like many other artists before and the person in charge let us stay past the closing time to finish the paintings.  Sort of like “just lock the door before you leave thing” 

All in all we had a good day in Mora.  Tomorrow we are off to Carl Larson’s studio down in Sundborn.  There we might just paint again!

Richard Boyer

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