Thursday, August 9, 2012


Today we all went up to Växbo, just north of Bollnas about 14 kilometers; there they produce some of the finest linen tablecloths in the world.  The farmers in the area grow flax that is used in the production.  And they also have a collection of old Swedish buildings in a ravine to attract the locals to walk along up to the showroom.  We set up in front of the old mill and thank God they had sprayed for mosquitoes, we experience none by the side of the creek. The view was really spectacular.

Here is my result, the light was overcast in the beginning and for me anyways it was better.  Later on the sun peeked out and changed the light totally from my angle, so much so that I had to stop and wait for the cloud to come back.

Around four we did a field painting in the last afternoon light. We set up all along the dirt road; where some of the locals thought we were a local painting club practicing. I had to explain that we were not, just out for some painting for ourselves.  The rain hit us for about ten to twenty minutes, so I was glad I had the umbrella.

Tomorrow we are driving to Mora, the Mecca for all artists.

Richard Boyer

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