Thursday, August 23, 2012


Next I took on the ridgeline to the right. The trees were in front of the background so I had to be careful to indicate that through richer color and a wider value range.  Cobalt Blue was still used for the trees, but I used Yellow Ochre to neutralize it and of course less white so the color comes across more intense. I added some Cadmium Yellow Light to the edges of some of the trees to give it that rim light feeling.

The cut field in front I used Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Yellow Dark and white.  As the grass crests on the hill I added more white to it to give it some of the sky color and to show distance.

With that out of the way I could move on to the green grasses growing by the side of the water.  This means I have to start thinking of how I want the edge of the water to look, another words I need to define the edges and the reflections in the water.  There is a dark shadow line as the water meets up to the plants, so I used Viridian Green and darkened it down with Transparent Red Oxide or Raw Sienna. As the water moves away from the shadow area I will cut the Viridian with Cadmium Orange to give it a warm reflective quality. 

The water I am going to do in two stages, since half of it is a greenish orange color of the reflected rock cliffs in the background and the rest a reflection of the blue sky mixed with white from the churning of the water from the current.  So I have separated out the major areas and just blocked in the predominant color. If I were to go into it now with the blue on top of the warm green color I would end up polluting much of my blue. So if I just wait a day the underlying color with dry up a bit and keep the paint that I lay on top looking more vibrant.

Richard Boyer

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