Saturday, August 4, 2012


Once again the weather was wrong, we checked last night and it said overcast, it was sunny most of the day. A perfect day for plein air painting; so we all decided to head back to our favorite place to paint, Skansen. Rick set up not far from the entrance but was forced to abandon his spot with the constant crowd of people standing in front of him. It really does make painting rather difficult with human bodies in your way !

Robert Duncan and myself found this quiet little spot in the morning. The view was actually quite nice looking down a path with some wooden sheds to the right and flowers out front.

Within a few minutes we had half a dozen Peacocks wondering around our easels, thank God they seemed to be passive, unlike the red squirrels, who loved to crawl into your painting bags and chew on the oily rags.  I had to chase several away, only to have the tenacious things bounding back again a minute later.  Next time it’s pepper spray against the vicious things!!!   I know they are cute as hell!

Here is my piece.

I think we spent at least three hours here in this tranquil spot; the tourists did get thick several times blocking our view. I thought it was a little funny, as did the women working in the building we were parked in front of. Normally people just walk on by, but because there are two artists out front, all of a sudden it becomes interesting and they all stop to take pictures right in front of us of the very scene we are painting.  Why oh why they don’t see these beautiful scenes without somebody telling them is beyond me!

The rest of the day we walked around playing Paparazzi, sometimes making the pour employees in costume nervous.

Tomorrow we drive up to my wife’s brother’s house and from there up to Halsingland.

Richard Boyer   

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