Friday, August 3, 2012


If there is one thing you can count on in Sweden, it’s certainly isn’t going to be the weather. Most everyday here we check it for the next day only to have it the opposite.  Today was supposed to be sunny; but we woke up to rain. That being said, it was a museum day today. Robert Duncan wanted to see Prins Eugen’s Museum on Waldemarsudde and the Thiel Museum. Both of these were located on Djurgarden Island. We climbed on the bus to the end station and took the trolley the rest of the way under blue skies, what else was new?! 

We did see a lot of new Zorn paintings and Rick and I decided to pick up another one!!!
Prins Eugen was a wealthy nobleman and a “want-a-be artist”; so he hung around Anders Zorn, Carl Larsson and Bruno Liljefors.  They all became really good friends and most likely helped Prins Eugen in his artistic struggle to get better known amongst his piers. 

Here is this fantastic headshot Zorn did at the museum there.  It makes me sick at how good he was early in his age.

We then walked down the coast to the Thiel Museum, a wealthy patron, who became friends to these artists and collected many of their works, including a lot of Edvard Munch from Norway.

Here is Duncan contemplating the work.

This afternoon since being inspired from Zorn’s water paintings we all set out for the harbor area in Stockholm, once again under fairly blue skies, with in an hour the clouds rolled in and the sky turned an ugly dark blue, the kind of color before a major downpour. Sure enough within half an hour we were running for the bus in heavy rain.  Thank God water and oil doesn’t mix. 

Now Rick Graham likes to work in Acrylic paints, soooo he had problems!  

Richard Boyer


  1. But acrylic dries so fast.

    I'm surprised the rain was even an issue for Rick.

    Incidentally, Richard, have you ever considered a darker background for your blog?

    I know white has such great contrast and all ..and I know you don't have a lot of "spare" time (except to go to museums and mountain cabins and Sweden and ...)

    Buuuut it takes all of about 1 minute to change the background in the "Blogger" editor (and there are lots of different 'themes' to select from as opposed to plain vanilla)

    Also, I know I mentioned this once, but you could put all of your most recent paintings (prices, etc) on a single Blogger page and link to it from the website (eg, with the "Recent Travels" button). Adding new paintings and text is a lot easier with the Blogger editor than doing it on the website and it would allow you to keep all the paintings on there with the latest ones at the top. If people wanted to page down to see the less recent ones, they still could.

    Just some thoughts.

    Larry Darkness


  2. But that's my point.

    If you put all your recent paintings on a Blogger page (created the same way you create this blog), you wouldn't need to deal with updating the paintings on the website.

    It's actually very easy. You create a new blog with Blogger (which lets you create multiple blogs) and then delete the comments box (have to do that manually by editing the html for the page). Then you use the gadgets to add new images and text. It looks just like a regular web page.

    Then you link to that page from your website (eg, from the "Recent Travels" button on your home page) and put a link back to the website home page on the new blog page.

    I tried to explain all this many many moons ago (back when you were asking about an easier way of updating the website so that as new paintings were added, older ones just "fell off" the end), but apparently I wasn't very clear at the time that the easiest way to accomplish that is to do it from Blogger (NOT from the website, which actually has a very archaic editor by today's standards).

    Larry darkness