Wednesday, November 25, 2009


There is still snow on the ground outside and even though I like skiing, a part of me wants to see the warm green grass of summer. To step out into warming rays of the sun on bare skin and hear the birds chirping away. This is the time now when we experience the grey's of winter. When the candles are lit by the living room coffee table, as the early evening arrives.

Yes, I am getting a little frustrated with the damn painting, its taking a little too long. I did more on the water today as well as the figures, but of course none of it looks totally finished. When this happens, I will usually set it down and work on something different. It's like hitting a brick wall, you just can't seem to go any farther. My mind is a complete block as to what I need to do next in order to finish it off. After a week out of sight, it might be very obvious what needs to be done.

As the fellow member's of the crit would say "What's wrong with the girls' Ass, it looks wrong!"
"Also you got a wave too strong behind the little girl out in left field there!"

Yah, yah, yah...........I see the @#%# things are also wrong, but usually after I am done painting for the day.

So after lunch I moved over to a smaller and older 9x12 painting I had.

This is one of those painting I had at a gallery for a while, until they said "Hey, we've had this a little too long and it still hasn't sold" they send it back to you and off it goes to another gallery. Six months later, they are saying the same damn thing, "Look Richard, it seems this one is getting no interest, how about we switch it out for something completely different."

I call this churning, the galleries love to do this, since it keeps their inventory of an artist fresh, they always have something new up on the wall. For the poor artist it's a struggle, since you end up with the painting you did six months ago right back in your studio. Well, it's a part of life for me, so I tend to re-work them, and that is exactly what I did with this one, I darkened up some of the skin tones and worked a little more on the water. Its a small painting, which the Southam Gallery wants for a Christmas show. So let's give it another try.

You know what they say, "Third times the charm!"

So, tomorrow we all know what's happening. Nobody works, including myself..........ya, right!
We have guests coming over for dinner and as my wife puts it, "this house is not going to look like it does right now, we have some cleaning to do!" That usually means vacuuming the house top to bottom and we have a three story Victorian house, with a soon to be fully renovated basement!

Richard boyer

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